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27 August 2007


erica b.

What a great pattern! Thanks for offering it. Found you at Craft. Cute crochet patterns are hard to come by and this one is a keeper! Glad I found your site... I'm adding you to my Google Reader.

Ethereal Atlas

This is great! I'll be adding it to the very long list of things I want to do!

Monica Brown

Thanks so much! If you are part of Ravelry, there are more photos from my test crocheters!


How beautiful - i like it!


Thank you so much for this lovely pattern! I marked it as a favorite at Ravelry to keep track of it. You have some beautiful designs.


This is FAB! I think this bumped up to the top of my queue!

I'm teaching a crochet class for lefties at Hilltop East next month. If I get in gear I might be able to have a good dent in it for the class...


I'm quite new to crochet but I'm definately going to tackle this project. It's wonderful. (n_n)

I hope you don't mind but I've added you to my blogroll.


i love it - thank you so much for sharing!

Monica Brown

Thanks for all your kind words! Let me know if you have any questions along the way.


What a great pattern - thanks for offering it! I am a knitter and have only recently begun to dabble in crochet - I can't wait to try this out!


I like it !!it's very beautiful!


Thanks for this pattern !!

Someone asked me for a translation into french, I put it on my blog if someone else is interested...

Your patterns are very great !!

Chic with sticks

Thank you for this wonderful pattern. I made mine using Bernat Soy yarn in sugar cane during a long road trip. Turn out beautiful.


how much is it?

Sarah Wilson

I have a question: when you say to hdc2tog with the stitch before the first marker and the stitch after the second marker, do you mean to skip all of the stitches in between? I've been crocheting for years, but this is one of the first garment patterns I've tried!




Hi, It's the second time i'm posting you without a reply. I found your site using Yaehoo, does your site support firefox?


Hi, It's the second time i'm posting you without a reply. I found your site using Yaehoo, does your site support firefox?


I can't get it to print from here or ravlry please help

Alesha Walker

Oh gosh, wish it was in XL too. :(

It's a beautiful pattern

Jordans 2

What a pity I miss seeing all those gorgeous knits! Thanks for sharing the photos.


I found a plus sized version of this pattern and am working on it now. The pattern that I have goes to size 4/5XL by Loops & Threads crochet book available at Michael's.

It's my first garment, and so far it's going pretty good.


The link to the pdf is broken. Could you fix it?
Thanks so much

apotek dk

Tak for dette vidunderlige mønster. Jeg lavede mine bruger Bernat Soy garn i sukkerrør under en lang biltur.


hi this is nice, thanks for share this one

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