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27 August 2007



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Fashions in crochet changed with the end of the Victorian era in the 1890s.

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the link isnt working! :(


Hi I'm somewhat a beginner and I'm having the worst time with the yolk part of the pattern. =( I have two raglan lines but my other stitch markers are all over the place! Is there a step by step tutorial out there anywhere?

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This is the first time I am ever attempting something like this and am a little confused right from the get go. When it says "Repeat Row 2, 17 (21, 24, 28) more times increasing 8 sts each row. Ending with 258 (300, 334, 376) hdc." I wouldn't technically be repeating row 2 exactly because of the increases, right? Do I just make sure all the place markers line up? (I've also never done a project with place markers!) Thanks in advance for your help!

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What a great pattern - thanks for offering it! I am a knitter and have only recently begun to dabble in crochet - I cant wait to try this out!


hi, when it says to increase eight stitches every row does it mean to just do eight stitches increase or does it mean to add on the the previous stiches so if I started with 3 stitches each for increase and added 2 more to each 3 stitch increase and then kept adding two more to equal eight more stitches each row would that be right???

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