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27 December 2011



Beautiful, thanks for sharing! Can't seem to get the download link to work though... :(


Ok, got it to work on my computer, just not my phone or tablet. Thanks again, this is simply beautiful - can't wait to try it out!


Love the wrap, what type of yarn did you use!

Monica Brown

Thank you! Check out the pattern for all the yarn details. You can download it above...

Amy Boger

I am trying to knit this but there are some problems or I am just not clear on the pattern...its supposed to be a pattern with a multiple of 12 plus 2 and the small has us casting on 114 stitches...so there are 4 extra stitches. In addition, I am trying to knit the stitch pattern and can't quite get that to work so...I'll wait to see if anyone else has this problem.

Amy Boger

Ok, so after really playing with the stitch pattern...I think this is what it should read?...
1. pattern as written
2. P2 *k2, sl 1 wyib, k4, sl 1 wyib, k2* p2
3. k2 *p2, sl 1 wyif, p4, sl 1 wyif, p2* k2
4. p2 *k2, drop sl st to front of work, k2, pu sl st and knit it, k2, drop sl st to front of work, k2, pu sl st and knit it, p2

please feel free to correct me if I'm wrong. This also works out if the size small is cast on with 110 stitches, not 114.

Monica Brown

Thank you for working through my pattern and letting me know about the errors! I have hopefully addressed/corrected all your comments/questions below:
1) To measure the gauge, cast on a multiple of 12 plus 2 sts and then measure it over 25 sts and 30 rows.
2) I have reworded the stitch pattern. Please let me know if you think it is easier to understand?
3) You are right, I had the wrong number of cast on stitches for both the small and medium. Cast on 110 for the size small.

Please let me know if you have any concerns or additional questions. I had anticipated that this pattern should be so simple that I think I rushed through writing it too quickly.

I hope the rest of the pattern and knitting goes well for you!

Flip flop mama

Thanks for this pattern! I was working on my swatch and am still not clear on the Slipped stitch cable pattern. The stitch counts don't add up. Are we supposed to repeat the "sl 1 wyib, k2" twice so it should be p2 *k2, [sl 1 wyib, k2] twice, p2*? That still is only 22 stitches. The corrections you have has the pattern a multiple of 10 plus 2. I'm really excited about making this! It looks like the pp Amy Boger has the right count, just not sure if it looks the same as yours.

Monica Brown

Sorry the pattern is so confusing! The stitch pattern should be p2 *[k2, sl 1 wyib, k2, twice]. p2, rep from *. The pattern is supposed to be a multiple of 12 plus 2. The first p2 = the plus 2.
The (k2,sl 1, k2) x 2 + p2 = 12 stitches.

Another way to think about it is that you are basically creating columns of 10 stitches with p2 on either side.

Does that make sense? Let me know what else I can do to help.

Flip flop mama

Yes, that helps! Thanks for clearing it up. I'll let you know how it goes today!

Monica Brown

Great! Let me know how it goes...

Flip flop mama

I finished up my swatch and it looks great! Thanks for everything!

Monica Brown

So glad!


I love this pattern. Just about 4" along and it looks complex but is actually so simple. I will get a photos up on ravelry this week. I am using fingering yarn since wanted to use stash. It was very easy to modify for gauge. Thank you so much for sharing this with us.


I would love more details on how the finished rectangle is sewed up to look like the picture. i haven't finished the piece. I also had trouble with the way the pattern was written but i got there. I think it might be helpful to note in there that your using your WIDTH measurement to calculate your initial number of stitches to cast on.

Its a beautiful piece i can't wait to see it finished! :) but the finishing is confusing. Thanks for the great pattern!!!

Monica Brown

Thank you for your clarification! I glad the pattern is going well. It is a pretty quick stitch pattern.

Here's what I meant with regard to the finishing directions:
Lay rectangle flat (horizontally) with WS facing up with ribbed edges at sides The long edges of the rectangle should be the top and bottom. Fold the ribbed edges to center of the rectangle. Lay ribbed edges together so they overlap. Sew down approximately 3” of front rib edges at the top edge of the rectangle (see diagram for more details). Sew on 3 buttons on sewn ribbed portion.

Next, seam together of the top edge 9 (10, 11)” on either side of center. Leave remaining edges unseamed to be used as armholes.

Does that help? Let me know and I can add more details. Thanks you!


I love the way this garment is constructed but as another poster pointed out, I am having a difficult time visualizing the finishing. Would it be possible to photograph the finishing in steps? Beautiful wrap!

Monica Brown

Photographs would be a great idea! Unfortunately, I do not have access to the wrap right now. Long story involving...moving...and storing clothes. Maybe take a bath towel (rectangle one) lay it out flat and then fold it in toward the center letting the outer side edges overlap a bit...now it should be a smaller rectangle with a top and bottom edge. Now pin the top edge from center...a few inches on either side, then pin the outer edges that overlap...a few inches toward bottom edge. That is it...maybe take a look at the diagram as you are pinning it. Hope this helps! -Monica

Monica Brown


Also take a look at this photograph...it might help. It is the exact same construction as this wrap....

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